ElectroMagnetic Heat Production

Have you ever wondered about Faraday's ElectroMagnetic induction laws, and how they
differ from
Ohm's law? I didn't, until recently. I'll explain the difference shortly, but first a
little history is in order to show how I got to the present day research.

Hello, my name is Charles Bagwell, of Erie, Michigan. I am a retired power plant Engineer. I
spent 35 years operating both coal fired power plants and a Nuclear one, for Detroit Edison,
an Electric Utility Company in Michigan, USA.

During those years, and since retiring, I spent my free time researching
"New Energy"
systems, looking for the most energy efficient system I could find. Another
site, also speaks to
the worldwide movement to discover so called "free energy".

Twenty or so years ago, I discovered that a geothermal heat pump system was about 400%
efficient, so my wife and I installed a 3 ton unit at our home, here in Erie.

Two years ago we invested in a Solar Photo voltaic system, 46 solar panels, furnishing 12.5
KW of power, which is 100% of our home's energy needs. In fact, the power company owes us
over $900 for excess power we produced last Summer, when there was an abundance of
Sunshine. Our system is on the Home page of this site.