This is Chuck Bagwell next to a  newly installed 3-250 watt stationary CBSi PV solar panel array, with adjustable
manual tilt angle. We sell these to DIYs out of our shop in Erie, MI. Our price is $3.50/w FOB. We can also ship to
SE Michigan locations. (Plus shipping and Michigan tax)
This is Starlight Power's (SLP) 3rd generation of automatic trackers. By tracking the Sun, an additional 30-35%
in energy production is gained on a typical Sunny day. We are working on our 4th generation of tracker, which is
due out for demonstration in early spring 2015. SLP will be selling 3,7 and 9 panel tracker kits by end of 2015.
Prices not set yet (But expected to be ~ $3.50/w)
10-29-2014: Tracker 7-3 set in place for Startup testing.
Tracker module with automatic horizontal high wind parking.

The skid is set  on your property or roof, ready to accept your
power cable hook-up. Price is $3.50 per watt for this 2000 watt
DC skid (Plus Shipping and Michigan sales tax)  Two week
delivery is expected.

Each skid contains 7-"Solar World" 280 watt solar PV panels,  
through a SMA 3000TL-US, Inverter, that supplies 240/120
volts 60 Hz electricity and automatically synchronizes to the
electric grid.  Truly plug and batteries required to get
on line. Run your power over via a #12 outdoor extension cord
to a 240V outdoor receptacle or directly to your home's
electric panel.  A 12V DC linear actuator motor positions the
panels. In case of a grid outage, the inverter will furnish 1500
watts independent of the grid, as long as the Sun is shining.
This will power a refrigerator or air conditioner, for example.
Contact us with questions, or to place an order.
Tesla Solar Mini Grid 4-5-15
7 Panels on your roof $3.50/w
7 panels in your yard  $4.00/w
7 panels on trailer       $5.00/w
2000 watts
Trailer mounted version has
a 8 week backlog.