Sunlight contains 1000 watts/h per square yard, and its free for the taking, with  
modern technology.

A new inverter technology, called the SMA 3000 TL-US now makes it possible for
the little guy to reap the benefits of Solar PV power.

A Sunny Boy 3000 Inverter hangs on the support leg of a tracker unit; or an Enphase
Microinverter, is attached to the  back of each 60 cell PV module. They both convert
the 37 volts DC, to 240V, 60Hz, AC, and automatically synchronizes to the electric grid.

No batteries are required, and there is no equipment inside your home to contend
with. And the SMA inverter will supply up to 1500 watts totally independent of the grid,
during a grid outage, and the Sun is shining.

When the Sun is shining brightly and all of your home's electric load is met, any
excess power is back-fed into the grid which stores it for you until the Sun goes
down. At night the electricity you stored during the day is returned to you...but now
it's cooler and you don't need as much as you saved. So, your electric bill is reduced
by a nice percentage, depending on how many panels you install.

Why leave your money in the bank drawing <.1%, Return On Investment (ROI), when
you can invest in Solar equipment and make around an 8-12% ROI, with a payback   
period of around 10 years.  And, every year you buy PV equipment, you will get
30% of the cost back as a tax credit from the IRS, Through end of 2016.

The cost of installing Solar PV is now around $3.50/watt...excellent.
Below: This is a 26 panel PV array at the webmaster's home in Erie, MI: 5KW AC with Enphase
micro-inverters that automatically synchronize to the grid and use it as a giant storage battery.
7-14-16 This 4KW equiv., 11 panel tracker is controlled by a Sun Eye. Horizontal movement is
with a "Slew" drive. Vertical movement is with a "Linear motor". It Tracks the Sun from morning
to evening completely automatically. Cost of this unit is $4/watt FOB. Is for DIY's.
Tracker ver. 7.7