We, concerned citizens of Michigan, request that the State's Electric
Utility Regulatory laws be amended, to legalize "Community Solar"
PV farms, with no limit on the number of farms that communities can
build and which would be eligible for a "Virtual net metering" service,
The Committee to legalize "Community Solar" Farm Cooperatives in
Michigan is asking for your support of this petition to force a State-
wide Ballot initiative vote in the next general election.

The underlying purpose for this initiative is to form an alliance of Solar
Farms that would join together to help mitigate/slow climate change,
by allowing Utilities to burn less coal, thereby decreasing CO2
emissions, as well as other pollutants.

If we do nothing, climate change may devastate our way of life and  the
future of mankind.

There are many links that will clarify this subject matter at this
: http://www.starlightpower.net/links

So, how can installing thousands, an hopefully millions, of solar panels
help  slow climate change?

Briefly, when a solar panel comes on line, when the sun is shining, it
back-feeds the electric grid with electricity. The electricity furnishes
all of your electric needs, then sends any excess out to the grid, to be
used by other electric customers. The panel output voltage is slightly
higher than grid voltage.

When the electric utility generators see this higher voltage, their
control systems start backing down the boilers, burning less coal,
making less electricity.

In effect the electricity produced by each panel will save around one
and a half pounds of coal from being burned, every day (1-kwh). The
energy being produced by all the solar panels is being stored on the
coal pile...thereby reducing pollution from the power plants.

CO2 levels in the Earth’s atmosphere is now at 400 parts per  million
(PPM). It has been rising since the beginning of the industrial
revolution, when we began burning coal and oil to supply our
industrial complex. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, which means it acts like a
greenhouse surrounding our earth, trapping heat, which would
normally radiate out into space.

As the heat builds up, there is a lot of it at the equator, where the Sun is
directly over the ocean. Water starts evaporating from the surface of
the ocean due to the Suns heating effect, and rises up many  thousands
of feet into the upper atmosphere, dragging tons of water vapor with it.
These tons of water has recently been named "Atmospheric Rivers"
(AR) by NASA.

These ARs were first observed in the mid-1990s. Since then, the ARs  
have continued to intensify every year. When a column of moisture
laden hot air rises, it is caused to start spinning, by the rotation of the
Earth, called the Coriolis effect. These spinning vortices eventually
turn into tornadoes and hurricanes...which are dangerous to all life
and property on the planet.

Our human species need to work together to decrease greenhouse
gasses in our atmosphere. Installing Solar panels everywhere we can,
should help slow climate change.

Please sign this petition and pass the word along to whoever will listen.

Thank you for the support.


Charles D. Bagwell
Erie, MI  48133
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